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Dear parents, carers and friends,

What an amazing ‘Gala Day’ we had on Saturday. It was a huge success with an approximate profit of $9,600 and that is due to all of you.

There are so many people to thank for our successful day.
Firstly, thank you to the fundraising committee with Martine steering this huge event, what a magnificent team and what an effort by all! You guys rock! A huge thank you to Martine for volunteering to take on this mammoth task and her brilliant organisation.
Thank you to those who did the letter drops, everyone who donated items to sell, including clothes, kids toys and books, our glorious bakers, everyone who donated tasty goodies to sell, the fruit and veg donations, everyone who set up and packed up, thank you to our wonderful entertainers and the band wrangling, thank you to all our stall holders who spent the whole day there, to everyone who volunteered whether their name was on a roster or not, to the volunteers who helped out and then even went to work!
Thank you to the teachers who came along and helped out, the extraordinary baristas Pete and Sebastian, to John from the Drugstore who donated the use of coffee machine, and last but not least a huge thank you to Kris Killorn who was there all day and made sure a running tally was kept. And a thank you to everyone else who I have neglected to mention.

Any help you offered was truly appreciated and what a great vibe the Yeo Park community had. Congratulations and thank you to all.

Maria Riley
Yeo Park P&C Association President